The beauty of a thin and robust blade, the elegance of a handle that invites you to grip, the nobility of the object designed by a talented craftsman, knowing how to combine traditional techniques and innovative materials ...

What are we looking for in a knife? A utilitarian and functional tool, but above all the expression of an aesthetic vision, a style, a character. Show me your knife and I will tell you who you are ... The knife reveals the soul of its owner. It is the concentrate of what we are, of what we believe to be, of what we become. He is our mirror, our soul mate.

Standardization is not inevitable. Knife collectors know that the original object is irreplaceable. He has an appealing and captivating story, style and personality.

Les Editions G was conceived and created by Gregory Pohl with this in mind. Knife lover since his earliest childhood, Gregory is known in the French cutlery world, in particular for being the organizer of the Euro Knife Show, which takes place annually in Strasbourg. Passionate about the various artisanal manufacturing techniques, he works with renowned cutlery artisans across Europe and beyond.

From this passion, which has become his profession, he had the idea to offer a range of unique knives. The principle is simple: craftsmen carefully selected for the quality of their work and their reputation each design a knife model, which is then produced in small numbered and signed series.

Four series are thus published each year.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items