My name is Thomas, I am 28 years old and am from Drôme Provençale. I left school for a long time now, an electronic BTS in my pocket, but deep in my head still trotted this desire to work with my hands on the material: making knives.

Being in a wheelchair, it was not easy, but supported by my relatives, I took the plunge. I designed a tailor-made workshop with all the machines at my height and then I started to learn the trade on my own. I have not had any training and all of my work is only the fruit of my personal learning and my imagination.

Collector since my childhood, I have gradually been attracted by American brands like 5.11, Zero Tolerance, Spyderco, Ontario, Ka-bar… It is therefore quite natural that today, my work is oriented towards a style tactical and aggressive.

For the future, I have a lot of plans. Among other things, I would like to one day be able to exhibit my work in the United States, my favorite country, a country where anything is possible ...

Grind Tactical Knives is only at the beginning of its story, but you haven't heard from me yet.


No pain, no gain.

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