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Lead Round Balls - Cal .451 - 44 Black Powder - Hornady

Hornady - Munitions et Rechargement

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Hornady - Munitions et Rechargement

In 1949, with World War II over, with the economy returning to peacetime status, with shortages beginning to recede, with Americans anxious to get on with normal lives, Joyce Hornady started a new business. The nation was optimistic. Hornady was especially optimistic. He knew, he absolutely knew, there were thousands of shooters who wanted what he'd wanted: accurate, deadly, dependable bullets they could afford to reload. "Accurate, deadly, dependable" described his products so well that it became the new company’s first advertising slogan.

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Hornady® round balls

Hornady® round balls are completely uniform in size, weight and roundness. Cold hammering of pure lead eliminates air pockets and holes, common in cast bullets. And the smoother, rounder surface of a Hornady® round bullet provides better spin for consistent precision. It is our strict production procedures that give Hornady® Round Balls the unparalleled consistency demanded by the world's best shooters.

  • Bullet caliber: 451
  • Quantity: 100
  • Caliber: 44 black powder


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Lead Round Balls - Cal .451 - 44 Black Powder - Hornady

Lead Round Balls - Cal .451 - 44 Black Powder - Hornady